OggSync Google Calendar Sync

FreeWare provides complete 2 path sync from your telephone to one of your Google calendars


A twitter client for Windows Moving

Xitona Guitar Tuner Mobile

Guitar Tuner is a child's play interactive app which can actuate the exact pitch of your guitar strings by using a microphone and a sound card

Pocket Google

Www.google.com/pda replacement from PDA devices


A twitter client for Windows Moving


ImageExpo enables displaying the telephone Shade on a Computer or a video projector in absolute age via Bluetooth, USB or Internet connexion


Dialer-X is an New Dialling assistant use that makes dialling Calling Card Type Calls & IVR Process DTMF Unceremoniously and convenient, while too handling Figure changes automatically when roaming

NS PassGen

Generates passwords of any length with upper or lower letters, digits, appropriate symbols or any combination of them


GPSWM65Google uses GPS to acquisition the next 50 community businesses


3dtracking has revolutionized the tracking Production buttoned up the start of it's PDA tracking software